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This suite of image processing tools for fluorescent images (DAPI and TRITC of the same region) was implemented for the analysis of co-localization and consisted of three programs: image assembly (AS), image preparation (APP) and image quantification (QUAP).

In a first step, a number of DAPI and TRITC image batches could be selected and assembled to a single DAPI and TRITC image using the image assembler (AS). Additional parameters for image assembly (offset, overlap, scaling) could be specified in the graphical user interface.

In a second step, the assembled images could be loaded into the preparation program (APP) where they were cropped with a selection rectangle and could be corrected for gamma, brightness, and contrast. The cropping operation was performed for both the DAPI and the TRITC image in order to maintain spatial correctness.
Cropped images could then be loaded into the quantification program (QUAP) where segmentation and quantification were performed.

The program suite featured an adapted memory management which allowed the fast display of gigantic images on machines with limited RAM. Supported output formats were TIF, PNG, BMP and JPG.