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Most of the development of the IPCU is done in the commercial computer algebra system Wolfram Mathematica. We use it for prototyping of software, image- and data analysis, statistics, and visualization. When we develop software packages that are needed for larger projects, it is required to write a lot of code. Sometimes several thousand lines of code. To make this development faster and easier, we have developed a plugin for one of the best Integrated Development Environments that currently exist: IntelliJ IDEA.

This easy to install plug-in can be used with almost all IntelliJ-based IDEs like IDEA or PyCharm. It will turn the IDE you love into a powerful development tool for Mathematica and Wolfram Language code. Since the plug-in and the Community Edition of IDEA is open-source, you can use everything completely free of charge. People, who just want to use the plug-in should take a look at the official website

For a very quick start just download and install the free Community Edition of IDEA. After you have done that, open the Settings by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S (Cmd+, on OS X) and navigate to Plugins in the right column. On the right side you find the button Browse repositories, and there you use the search box to find the Mathematica Support. With a right-click, you can install it, and after the suggested restart of IDEA everything is set up.

If you use the plug-in, please leave a comment and rating on the IntelliJ IDEA Plugins page (note that you don't have to provide a username. Just leave the field blank).

 Demo gif of the Mathematica Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA