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For the analysis of optical coherence tomography scans, the IPCU developed a Mathematica package to access HEYEX Raw files which are e.g. created by the Heidelberg Spectralis OCT.

 The package incorporates its functionality directly into the Import-framework of Mathematica. Therefore, Heyex Raw files can be loaded just like any other images or volumes. The source code is freely available on the dedicated GitHub repository.

Various information of the Heyex files can be accessed:

  • The file header which contains meta data like patient ID's, scan sizes, etc.
  • The scanned volume data as a numerical array
  • The scanned volume as Image3D
  • Slices or the whole volume as a list of Images
  • The scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (SLO) image
  • The segmentation data for different retina layers (ILM, RPE) when provided in the HEYEX Raw file