Patrick and Karsten

The IPCU consists of two researchers with computer science background: Patrick Scheibe on the left and Karsten Winter on the right. Historically, the installation of the IPCU was initiated by our good friends and colleagues Dr. Ulf-Dietrich Braumann and Dr. Jens-Peer Kuska.

Dr. Braumann is now professor for biotronic systems at the Leipzig university of applied sciences. As for Jens-Peer Kuska, we had to deal with a sad loss when he died very unexpectedly in 2009.


About Patrick

Patrick studied computer science (with minor subject experimental physics) at University Leipzig. His research interests currently focus on modeling and analyzing structures in the human retina. He has a high interest in algorithmic details, parallelization, and visualization and he is one of the few Certified Wolfram Mathematica Instructors in Germany. In his free time, he develops the Mathematica Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA beside many other open source projects. Particularly, he likes to share his knowledge, for instance by helping people to put QR-Code on curved surfaces, and he is a high reputation member in the StackExchange network

Patrick spends the time away from the computer almost exclusively with this family that consists of three awesome kids, a lovely wife and an Australian cattle dog named Toffee.

About Karsten

Karsten studied computer science (with minor subject medical informatics) at the University of Leipzig. His research interests currently focus on the analysis of sub-basal nerve fiber networks in the human cornea. He is very interested in imaging, morphometric and spatial image analysis, statistical analysis, and visualization.

When not sitting in front of a computer screen he likes to travel around with his beloved girlfriend and indulges in photography and falconry.